Alo, Tel-Raffat massacre: Turkish state takes avenge for ISIS 

The co-chair of Executive Council of Afrin canton has denounced the massacre that the Turkish army and its terrorist mercenaries committed it against the displaced people of Afrin most of them were women and children described it in inhuman and unmoral acts which the Turkish occupation and its terrorist mercenaries practicing it.

The Turkish army and its terrorist mercenaries committed a massacre against Afrin canton's people in the 2nd of this December, that resulted in the martyrdom 10 civilians, including 8 children and 2 elderly man, and wounding 12 others with severely injured.

r news agency (ANHA) held interview with the co-chair of Executive Council of Afrin canton, talked about the brutal practices of the Turkish occupation army and its gangs.

Alo added that the ottoman Turkish occupation has a black history full with bloodshed and good example was massacres that committed against all the components of Syria the Armenian, Kurds and Arabs.

Alo explained that the Kurdish occupation is practicing the policy of systematic ethnic genocide against the people of the area in north and east Syria and Syria in general.

And pointed out that the aim of committing horrible massacres against civilians in the first level is to undermine the will of the resisting people and eliminate the future of the people of the area by targeting the children specially and Alo added " the Turkish state is revenging for ISIS and continuing ISIS terrorist project".

Alo referred to the presence of Russian and Syrian forces in Tel –Riffat district and added:" the Russian forces confirmed for us that the area that they have presence in it is safe zones and no one can attack it and now we see the extreme opposite, the Turkish occupation is committing the massacres in the area in front of the Russian vision.

Alo asks surprising:" why until now the Russian government and its forces didn't make any statements about the massacres that the Turkish fascist state committing it against the people of north and east Syria and Afrin".

Alo also condemned the international and human rights organizations silence about the hostile acts against the Kurdish people and all components in Syria and continued:" the international community is partner in committing massacres".

Baker Alo added that the Syrian regime is imposing an intensive siege on al-shahba district " Syrian regime considers that the displaced people of Afrin are not Syrian and continuing imposing the siege beside the bombardment by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries against the people".

And Alo referred to that they suffering from harsh living conditions in al-Shahba district and lack of needs and in the top the lack of the medicines and the needs of the hospitals. 

Alo also said that the Autonomous Administration AA and with its lack capabilities stands beside the people of Afrin in al-Shahbaa district and provide them what it can.

At the end of his speech Alo confirmed that the situation of most of the wounded women and children of the massacre is not stable until now and they receive medical treatment in Avrin hospital in Favin area.


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