Almost one month… human shields activity continues

Hundreds of residents of Kobani canton in northeast Syria continue to sit near the Turkish border denouncing Turkish policies and threats.

For the 30th day, hundreds of people from the canton have been flowing to the activity of the human shields in the village of Qaramog, east of Kobani hundreds of meters from the Turkish border.

The event is part of widespread public responses in various parts of the north and east of the country against Turkish threats and the mobilization of its military forces on the Syrian border.

The event is attended by representatives of political parties in the canton, members and administrators of civil institutions.

Local councils take turns attending the sit-in tents in the village of Qaramog, which is adjacent to the Turkish border, and the participants daily form a human shield near the border wall.

On Thursday, participants in the sit-in chanted the slogans saluting August 15 milestone commemorating the start of the Kurdistan armed struggle against the Turkish occupation in 1984, the day celebrated in Kurdistan and in various cities around the world.

The participants concluded a month of sit-in that began on July 17 to enter their second month on Friday at the event where the people of the canton express their rejection of the Turkish occupation of Syrian territory.



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