​​​​​​​All obliged to fight Coronavirus

A volunteer group of women in Tirbespiyê area explains that everyone is obliged to work to prevent the risk of coronavirus. 

After a shortage in muzzles and the increase of the demand on due to the spread of the coronavirus in most countries of the world, which claimed thousands of lives, the people of northeastern Syria and civil and service institutions are seeking to meet the needs of the people, and in participatory work with Tirbespiyê Local Council and Jiyan Charity that allocated a sewing workshop for manufacturing muzzles.

The workshop is staffed by several sewing volunteers, who make approximately 800 pieces a day, and distributed free on the residents after they are sterilized by the area health committee. They will also be distributed on the internal security forces.

Jiyan manager, Fakhri Ismail said:"  we have begun working with Tirbespiyê local council and the office of the organizations affairs to serve the community.

"All are obliged to provide support and participation to prevent the risk  of the coronavirus," said Muti'a Ahmed Qassim, a volunteers at the workshop.



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