All kurds are taregeted ;Kurdish ranks must be united

​​​​​​​Administrators in civil institutions in Aleppo called for uniting the Kurdish row at this sensitive stage "because the Turkish occupation targets all the Kurdish people in all parts of Kurdistan without specifying its political affiliation.

The parties and the Kurdish political movements  seek  to hold Kurdistan National Conference with the participation all Kurdish parties, and the importance of national unity has increased with the intensify of Turkish occupation attacks on NE, Syria.

On the subject, a number of administrators at civil institutions spoke in Sheikh Maksoud and Achrafieh neighborhoods to (ANHA)

The administration of the Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) in the city of Aleppo, Souad Hassan, indicated that the sensitive stage the Kurdish people are going through requires the unification of the Kurdish ranks, especially between Kurdish political parties and movements, "because the people are united with each other."

And added " We are witnessing systematic genocide where the foes target all the Kurds without discrimination their political affiliation, and the massacre that took place in the city of Tal Rifaat was good exmaple."

Suad Hassan pointed out that the Kurdish people united their ranks in particular during the resistance to dignity, it was clear through accession of the youth of Başûr Kurdistan to the resistance, as well as the campaign to boycott Turkish goods in Başûr Kurdistan.

And the administrator in the (TEV-DEM) concluded her speech saying that" the best way in conforntation the challenges of this stage is achieving the solidartiy among all parties and  Kurdish politiacl organizations within one voice, one heart and one will”

As the co-chair of  Achrafieh neighborhood council, Ahmed Jafar, said that national unity "was a dream for our ancestors and our parents, that a united will for the Kurdish people be formed and have representatives in the international community."

And Jafer added “visions and viewes must be united and overlooked of the political  differences and stay away from the partisna interests, but act interests of the people “

At the end of his speech, Ahmed Jaafar called on the political parties to form their unity "because the goal is ours."



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