Ali Bajleh people demonstrated against Turkish occupation, mercenaries’ violations

The residents of Ali Bajleh town in the northern countryside of Ain Issa district rose up against the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, and demanded putting an end to violations practiced against the residents.

Amid the continuing practices of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries of violations against the people of the occupied territories, the people rose up against these practices and violations committed by the mercenaries.

In this context, a source from the town of Ali Bajleh of Ain Issa district stated that the people of the town demonstrated on Friday against the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries of Jabhet al-Nusra and ISIS.

They chanted slogans demanding to an end to violations against civilians, amid security chaos, looting, theft and kidnappings in the occupied territories.

It is noteworthy that many cities and towns occupied by the Turkish army and its mercenaries are witnessing security chaos, and practices against the people; killing, arrest and kidnapping, and therefore the people of those areas express their condemnation of these practices through demonstrations.


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