Algerians to demand departure of all symbols of Bouteflika's regime

Algerians intend to demonstrate intensively for the ninth consecutive day, encouraged by the concessions they have received since the beginning of their protest movement amid the determination to grab more.

For the ninth consecutive day, the demonstrators will return to Algeria to continue their protest movement, AFP reported.

Since February 22, Algerians have demonstrated on the streets of the country's cities.

The protesters succeeded in pushing Abdel Aziz Bouteflika to give up a new term of office after an uncontested 22-year rule, then to cancel the presidential election scheduled for 18 April and finally to leave power.

The authorities presented a new concession to the demands of the street this week, represented by the change of the President of the Constitutional Council Tayeb Belaiz, along with the other two personalities Abdelkader Ben Saleh, head of the transitional state and Nooruddin Badawi, the Prime Minister.




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