Algeria looks forward to what will happen in decisive demonstration

In the third week of the popular struggle against the candidacy of Algerian President Abdel Aziz Bouteflika for a fifth term, the Algerians are waiting for what will happen in the "Jumet  al-Hasem" (the decisive demonstration.)


Algerians are preparing to take part in major demonstrations called "Jumet  al-Hasem"  after social networking sites called for Friday's March 8 event to be a day of mass marches against President Abdel Aziz Bouteflika's candidacy for a fifth term.

A group of members of the ruling party - the National Liberation Front announced their resignation and their joining the people.

The resignations came in a statement issued Thursday, which included the names of parliamentarians and members of the former Central Committee, who announced to the public and all the supporters of the party their collective resignation, recalling their previous positions in favor of the popular movement and protesting what they described as "tampering with the behavior of illegal leadership Which kidnapped the party. " according to al-Arabiya.

The group called on the rest of the party to participate in this position and to include their names in this list and published it to public opinion.

For its part, the Algerian opposition forces appreciated the continued protest movement in the street against the upcoming presidential elections.

At the conclusion of a meeting held Thursday in Algiers, the participants stressed that holding elections in the current framework is threatening the stability of the country.

It also demanded the departure of the regime, the resignation of the Algerian president and the government, and a transition to a transitional phase.



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