Aleppo women: Turkey aims to eliminate democratic nation's project

Aleppo women said that the goal of the Turkish occupation state of its attacks on northern and eastern Syria, is to eliminate co-existence and peoples' fraternity, and for this reason launched attacks on Afrin and now on northern and eastern Syria


Since October 9, the Turkish occupation state has launched attacks on northern and eastern Syria, causing the loss and injury of hundreds, displacing more than 300,000 people from their homes, committing war crimes and using internationally prohibited weapons against civilians.

In this context, the women of Aleppo condemned these attacks and said that they were fully prepared to protect the gains made by women during the revolution.

Fatima A member of the martyr Gulee Salmo Comin condemned the attacks of the Turkish occupation state and said that it targeted civilians in general and women in particular.``The Turkish state seeks to occupy the region by committing war crimes, and this is what happened with the assassination of Hevrin Khalaf and amputation her body and others fighters in YPJ."

Fatima Mustafa explained that all areas occupied by the Turkish state are spreading chaos and security chaos, kidnappings and rape of women, in addition to Turkification policy which carried out in those areas. "We have made great sacrifices for sake protecting our land and we will not give up an inch of it," she said, vowing to follow the path of martyrs until victory.

Hevin Suleiman, the administrator of Kongra Star said that "the Turkish state seeks to undermine the project of a democratic nation that achieves peoples' fraternity and coexistence. Hevin pointed out the role of women in the Rojava revolution in all military, political and social aspects. “Since the beginning of the Rojava revolution, the women's revolution has also achieved co-existence among all the components of the region - Arabs, Kurds, Assyrians and Syriac. And targeting women in particular in order to undermine the free will of women and hitting the gains made by women in the revolution. " Hevin Suleiman stressed that women in Rojava and northern and eastern Syria will not yield to Turkish policies, and appealed to all women of the world to rise up in the face of Turkish attacks.


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