Aleppo residents condemns continuation of Turkish massacres against Afrin people

Aleppo people have condemned the attacks of the Turkish occupation and its continuation to commit massacres against the displaced civilians of Afrin in al-Shahba areas and Sherawa district, stressing that Afrin people will continue to resist them, appealing to the institutions concerned to put an end to the crimes of the Turkish occupation.

The attacks of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries on al-Shahba canton and Sherawa district are increasing by targeting the unarmed civilians with heavy weapons. On February 26, Akiba village of Sherawa district was subjected to brutal shelling, which led to the martyrdom of an entire family under the rubble.

In this regard, the residents of al-Sheikh Maksoud and al-Ashrafieh neighborhoods condemned the crimes of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries against the people of Afrin who were forcibly displaced from their homes towards al-Shahba canton.

The citizen Sami Rajab from Akiba village, who witnessed the brutal shelling on his village said: "The the Turkish occupation and mercenaries used to target the village with mortars, but now they are targeting it with heavy weapons. They destroyed three houses, and there were civilians who remained under the rubble. After the shelling was stopped a bit, the people tried to get the civilians out of the rubble, but they continued to bomb the village, so the people could not save them soon."

 He continued: "One of the shells fell in front of my house, and caused material damage. It also terrified my children. There is no place for us to be protected in from the bombing because the occupation brutally bombs, targeting everything in spite of the absence of any military points in the village. They target the civilians in particular, and their aim is to kill and displace the people because the civilians who were martyred in the bombing were the people of Afrin who were forcibly evicted from their homes to avoid the massacres committed by the Turkish occupation in Afrin."

The citizen Sami Rajab called on the international community to put an end to these violations and massacres committed against Afrin people, end the occupation and return the displaced people to their homes.

The citizen Fayroz Haydar denounced the attacks on al-Shahba canton saying: "All countries see the violations of the Turkish occupation against the civilians, but they overlook the matter because these attacks do not target a country but threaten the existence of the people. The Turkish attacks have not ceased against Afrin people since the occupation of their land, and the Turkish massacres continue against the civilians; women and children."

Fayroz also confirmed their support for Afrin people, and that these attacks will not deter Afrin people from continuing their resistance.

For his part, the young man Ibrahim Ahmed indicated that the attacks of the Turkish occupation continue against Afrin people because they did not submit to the policy of the occupation, continue the resistance and are awaiting the liberation of their homes.

He said: "As the people resisted in Afrin, they will continue their resistance in al-Shahba canton till returning to Afrin."



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