Aleppo people: We to keep demanding freedom  for Ocalan 

People of the Sheikh Maqsoud and Al-Ahrafieh neighborhoods denounced the extreme isolation applied against the leader Abdullah Ocalan, stressing that the Turkish state is pursuing a policy of "divide and rule", but Rojava components are going to call on the concerned organizations to move quickly to lift the isolation on the leader.

after 21 years of the international conspiracy that led to the leader Abdullah Ocalan arrest, the Turkish state goes on tightening the isolation on him in Imrali prison in an attempt to target his principles for brotherhood of peoples and coexistence.

A number of people in Sheikh Maqsoud and Al-Ashrafieh neighborhoods in Aleppo denounced the isolation and called on the relevant international institutions to carry out their responsibilities toward Ocalan.

Muhammad Habash touched on the international conspiracy against Ocalan struggle for the oppressed, and said: “for more than 21 years, Ocalan has been under a tight isolation without interference from international organizations or human rights. "

As for Amina Rashid, she said: “The pioneering leader led the Turkish state keep him in the prison and prevent his family and his lawyer from meeting with him, but the Turkish state forgets that the leader free thought that call for democracy and the brotherhood of peoples in all societies is deeply rooted in people head, especially among Rojava components. "

Amina noted that "the Turkish state imposes strict isolation on the leader Ocalan, because it is well aware that he the key to solving the Syrian crisis. So the Turkish state follows" divide and rule policy."

At the end of her speech, Amina confirmed that they would continue their demands till Ocalan is released from Imrali prison.

For his part, citizen Hussein Hambasho referred to "the necessity to unify the Kurdish ranks to lift the strict isolation of the leader and to move forward to liberate all Kurdistan parts."

He added: “The Kurds enemies work hard to sow discord in Rojava and all over Kurdistan to undermine the democratic nation’s project,” stressing at the end of his speech that they will not hesitate to offer the pleasures of their hearts for the sake of Ocalan freedom.



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