Aleppo people celebrate Khadr Elias holiday

The Yazidi House in Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood of Aleppo organized a celebration on the occasion of Khadr Elias holiday, under the slogan " Khadr Elias holiday, a symbol of love and peace."

The celebration was held in Afrin Hall, located in Al-Shaqif region, with the participation of hundreds of neighborhood residents, Yazidi community and members of civil institutions and political parties in the neighborhood.

The hall was decorated with candles and pictures of the Prophet Zoroaster, and pictures of leader Abdullah Ocalan and an embodiment of Lalsh.

The celebration started with a minute's silence, then Sheikh Dahin Barakat blessed the feast on the Yazidis, he said: "The name of Khadr Elias is associated with nature as the name Khadr is known as fertile land and despair is with dry trees."

In turn, a member of the Yazidi House congratulated Lalash Yazidi on the feast on all the people and pointed out that "When we say that we are Yazidis, we are convinced of this belief, and this requires us to realize the truth of our religion, and to organize ourselves on this basis."

For his part, the administrative Sheikh Ali Al-Hassan congratulated the Yazidi community on behalf of the Interfaith Forum, and wished that safety would prevail in the Syrian territories.

After that, paragraphs of religious hymns were presented, and a member of the Yazidi House, Newroz Addu, presented some poems.

During the celebration, the Yazidi House presented a competition to ask the religious questions to the people.

The celebration ended with songs.



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