​​​​​​​ Aleppo.. decisions to alleviate living burdens on citizens

The people municipality in Sheikh Maqsoud and Ashrafieh neighborhoods, in cooperation with the general council of neighborhoods, has issued a number of resolutions that will alleviate the living  burdens  under the curfew as a precautionary measure to fight against the Corona pandemic.

Within the series of decisions taken to address the Coronavirus pandemic  and the likely role of the social solidarity to support the people, the people municipality  in Aleppo after discussion with the general council of the neighborhoods, issued several decisions to alleviate the living  burdens under the curfew as a precautionary measure to combat the Coronavirus.

Among the most important taken decisions, exempting residents from cleaning wages of March and April, and the real estate wages of April, in addition to paying the subscription of the  amps fees for a week.

For further details about this, Hawar News Agency held a meeting with Roshin Mussa, co-chair of the people municipality in Sheikh Maqsoud and Ashrafieh neighborhoods.

Mussa commenced her speech by emphasizing that they have mobilized all their efforts to confront the Coronavirus and protect citizens from the epidemic, "We have issued several resolutions to support citizens in material terms by exempting them from multiple charges," she said.

25 million amp wages for one week

According to the officials of the electricity committee in the people municipality in the neighborhoods of Sheikh Maqsoud and Ashrafieh, the cost of diesel (diesel) which will be provided to the electricity generators for free, is 25 million and 491 thousand Syrian pounds.

All generators require 293 barrels of diesel over a week, and each barrel costs in the free market, of which the municipality resorts to diesel insurance, is 87,000 Syrian pounds.

Roshin said they have met with generator owners to present the decision, which has been welcomed by them, and that will enters into force as of this week.

Closed properties are exempted from rent and hygiene wages

The municipality has taken the decision to exempt all owners of closed shops from paying rent of April, as for the excluded shops from the ban, such as food shops and pharmacies, are not subjected to the exemption, as well as citizens from paying hygiene fees for March and April.

" The current situation requires solidarity to face these difficulties, and as a people municipality, we have used all their potential to overcome this stage with safe and sound, She said.

Mussa, appealed to the people to abide by the decisions of the concerned authorities and to maintain personal and public hygiene to prevent the threat of the COVID-19 on the area.



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