ALDAR KHALIL: KRG lives in quagmire of mistakes

"They think that the attack on Medya Defense Zones is on the revolutionaries in the mountains of Kurdistan only, and do not think that the Turkish attacks are against the people of Başûr(south Kurdistan), against the Kurdish presence there and against Kurdistan," Aldar Khalil said.

 The Turkish occupation resumed attacks on Medya Defense Zones and the areas of Başûr Kurdistan, intensively on 27 May, with warplanes, artillery and rockets. The shelling resulted in the deaths of dozens of civilians and extensive damage to their property, especially in the areas of Khakurk and Bradust. The member of the Executive Committee of Democratic Society Movement(TEV-DEM), Aldar Khalil said that Turkey and through these attacks prepare for the new road map prepared for the region.

He pointed out that the region has been witnessing contradictions and crises for years, and most of the countries in the region are experiencing instability such as Iraq, Syria and some other countries, so some countries are trying to take advantage of these contradictions and adopt their interests under that, headed by Turkey, and said: "Turkey extended its influence within most the countries that are witnessing conflicts now, such as Egypt, Libya and Syria and now extend their influence to Iraq, especially the areas of the Kurdistan region in an attempt to occupy those areas. "

Khalil noted that the practices of Turkey are a preparatory step for the year 2023, the date of the end of the Lausanne Convention (the agreement under which Kurdistan was divided into four parts between Turkey and the world powers). Where a new road map is being prepared for the region, "Turkey is preparing for that now, recently, it attacked Afrin and tried to occupy Manbij and areas north and east of Syria.

Khalil said that the Turkish attacks on the areas of Başûr Kurdistan are not new, and said: "Before the Kurdistan region referendum Erdogan launched his threats before the Baghdad government determined its position on the referendum, and brought his army to the borders of Başûr Kurdistan, Erdogan did not recognize the existence of Kurds in Başûr Kurdistan, and said he made mistake under the rule of Saddam did not intervene to prevent the formation of a Kurdish entity in Başûr. "

Turkey is trying to occupy Başûr Kurdistan

Khalil noted that that the Turkish occupation and after the referendum in the Kurdistan region launched attacks on the Kurdistan region, so the government of Baghdad also dared to launch attacks on Başûr.

On September 25, 2017, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) conducted the referendum process which included the three provinces of the Kurdistan region of Hewler, Sulaymaniyah and Dihok, as well as disputed areas with Baghdad, including Kirkuk in particular, and other large areas in Mosul, Diyala and Salahuddin provinces. After the referendum process, the Iraqi government brought its forces to Kirkuk and put its hand on all border crossings between the Kurdistan region, Turkey and Iran as well as airports.

Aldar Khalil drew attention to the fact that the Turkish occupation under different pretexts established military bases in Başûr Kurdistan, and said: "Everyone and the world public opinion is well aware why Erdogan set up bases in Başûr Kurdistan, Mosul and Bashiqa, and why Erdogan deployed intelligence in most areas of Başûr Kurdistan."

"The Kurdish Freedom Movement is fighting for the democratic project in the Middle East," Khalil said, adding, "Turkey is trying, by pretexts, to occupy Başûr, as it did in Afrin, in addition to target the Freedom Movement and trying to weaken it."

Kurdistan Regional Government lives in a quagmire of mistakes

On the reasons for the silence of the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Regional Government in connection with attacks by the Turkish occupation army, Khalil said that the Iraqi government so far could not represent the Iraqi people and the Iraqi Republic as a result of internal conflicts within them, and said: "For the Kurdistan Regional Government it lives in the quagmire of mistakes, the attack on the areas of Medya Defense Zones is not only on the revolutionaries in the mountains of Kurdistan, and do not think that the Turkish attacks are against the people of Başûr, against the Kurdish presence in Başûr Kurdistan and against Kurdistan. "

Aldar Khalil drew attention to the existence of economic and political relations and so on between the Kurdistan Regional Government and Turkey, he said "This does not mean that the Kurdistan Regional Government does not clarify its position on the Turkish attacks, and the failure of the Kurdistan Regional Government to express its position on the Turkish attacks will affect the people of Başûr Kurdistan and its future."

Aldar Khalil pointed out that the people of Başûr Kurdistan will not accept the existence of the Turkish occupation on its land, and will rise up as happened in the in the regions of Şeladizê(Shiladize), said "This is its legitimate right, it must realize that the presence of the Turkish occupation in Başûr is a danger to it and it has the right to rise up against it," he said.

Aldar Khalil criticized the Kurdish government's silence on the Turkish attacks on Başûr Kurdistan, adding, "KRG is still under the agreements of the era of Saddam Hussein, and allow Turkey to occupy Başûr and launch attacks."

On the positions of some Iraqi forces and figures condemning the attacks of the Turkish occupation against Başûr Kurdistan, Aldar said that they are appreciated and respected, and pointed that they are not enough and those positions must be regulated and must move world public opinion.



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