Aldar Khalil: It cannot be said that Daesh ended before end of Turkish occupation

The member of the Executive Body of the Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM), Aldar Khalil, pointed out that it is not possible to say that Daesh ended if Turkey did not leave the region and put an end to its threats.

Khalil said in the International Forum on Daesh: "Because we clarify the fact of Daesh and its violations, the Turkish state threatens us and do not accept that we reveal the truth of Daesh." 

The victory over Daesh must be completed

Khalil said that the victory over Daesh was achieved by support of the Global Coalition, but this victory must be completed and added: " despite the small efforts a great resistance was achieved in the region, we have established an administration that gathered all the components of the region and this administration will turn into a model for the future of the democratic Syria.

He added when the people of Syria called for freedom Daesh was not here.

He said in the same context, the victory over Daesh has not completed yet, the international community thanks us but there are no steps in this regard.

Since 3 days we have said that there are detainees of Daesh mercenaries and there is a need to a solution, we must see this subject everywhere, the participants in this forum are the ambassadors of the truth,  we are sure that they will send the voices of the freedom here to their countries.

Turkey seeks to avenge Daesh by its threats

Khalil said that the Turkish occupation threats us because we reveal the truth of Daesh and the violations of these mercenaries, he added, " Turkey opposes holding this forum because it considers it a terrorist work?! The Turkish occupation occupied Afrin, Azaz, Jrablos, and al-Bab in these areas there is still a presence of Daesh and the mercenaries.

"If we want to end Daesh completely we must end the Turkish occupation and put an end to its threats, we must know that Turkey poses danger, the struggle against Daesh will continue till we reach a free country, " Khalil concluded. 



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