Al-Tuehina camp’s administration provides, while orgs neglect...

The Democratic Civil Administration in al-Tabqa area is still continuing work hard to improve the living condition to the people in al-Tuehina camp located in northwest al-Tabqa area, and the international organizations are still ignoring their suffering.


More than 2,400 families are staying in al-Tuehina camp, according to the last statistic of the camp's administration, who came from all Syrian areas under harsh economic and climatic conditions compared with their daily lives, they resided under worn-out tents that would not protect them even from the cold, and international organizations are still ignoring and its assistance is limited to simple materials that hardly suffice for the family for several days.

For its part, the Democratic Civil Administration of al-Tabqa area, through the Social Affairs and Labor Committee and the administration of al-Tuehina camp continues its efforts to change the bitter reality imposed on the lives of displaced persons fleeing the scourge of war by providing the basic necessities of accommodation in the camp adjacent to the shore of the Euphrates Lake.

Most of the displaced people in the camp are from the areas of Homs and Hama. The Syrian regime said that it was liberated from IS grip, supported by Russian air support. However, thousands of residents of these areas fled to areas liberated by SDF and have no desire to return to their areas, not to mention the destruction caused to their homes by the military operations carried out by the regime and its allies in those areas.

According to the administrator at the camp of Tuehina Ahmad al-Ahmad "The management of the camp and in cooperation with one of the organizations working in the area is to provide the bread on a daily basis at a rate of two loaves per person, while the distribution was intermittent in the past as some of the organizations did not abide by the conditions of administration working in the camp.

In addition to the health situation in the camp, the Kurdish Red Crescent operates two days a week, providing treatment through the women and children's clinics. However, the size of its facilities is not commensurate with the extent of health suffering in the volatile climatic conditions that are the cause of "cough and cold" especially among children.

It is worth noting that the Social Affairs and Labor Committee in the Democratic Civil Administration of al-Tabqa, in cooperation with an international organization, is currently working on the preparation of an alternative camp for al-Tuehina camp under better environmental and organizational conditions compared with the conditions in al-Tuehina camp, which was established in difficult and accelerating conditions after thousands of displaced persons went to the areas liberated by SDF.



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