​​​​​​​Al-Thalaj: ISIS detainees endanger international community and should be tried soon.

Ibrahim al-Thalaj, member of the Leading Committee of the Modernity and Democracy of Syria Party, stressed the need to prosecute ISIS mercenaries urgently, saying: "An international tribunal must be set up in northeast Syria."

In the past, there have been riots and vandalism by ISIS mercenaries in the detention facilities in northeast Syria. People of the region consider ISIS detainees a danger to society and should be prosecuted  soon.

In the prisons of the Autonomous-administered areas of  Syria, thousands of foreign ISIS strongholds have joined the ranks of mercenaries from more than 50 European and foreign countries, committing the most heinous crimes against the people of the region, most of whom have entered Syrian territory across the Turkish border.

Ibrahim al-Thalaj, a member of the Leading Committee of the Modernity and Democracy of Syria Party, said that the SDF had confronted ISIS mercenaries, defeated them and gave thousands of sacrifices.

He explained that thousands of mercenaries turned themselves in to the SDF, and said: "These detainees are a burden on the Autonomous-Administration and the SDF because their file is affecting the people of the region."

"Therefore, we must not forget that their file is complex and thorny and that they pose a threat on the international community in general, and that an international tribunal should be set up in northern and eastern Syria and their trial will be expedited," he said.

 He called on the international community to assume its responsibilities towards the file of ISIS detainees and to try them in accordance with international laws on the territory of northern and eastern Syria.

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