Al-Thalaj: Constitutional Committee will reach a dead end

A member of the Leading Body of the Party of Modernity and Democracy in Syria, played down the possibility of the success of the work of the constitutional committee announced, considering that the mechanism by which the committee was formed and the absence of representatives of the Autonomous Administration are sufficient reasons for the failure of the committee.

The United Nations announced last Monday to form a committee of the Syrian constitution, which includes 150 personalities between loyalists of the Syrian regime and followers of Turkey and others appointed by the dictates of international powers involved in the Syrian conflict.

The international community has repeatedly obstructed the solution in Syria, and the Democratic Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria has been absent, as have many international forums such as Geneva and other platforms.

Regarding the reasons for the deliberate exclusion of representatives of northern and eastern Syria from the process of drafting a new Syrian constitution, Ibrahim al-Thalaj, a member of the leading body of the Party of Modernity and Democracy of Syria, said, `` The regime's fear and the so-called opposition from the experience of self-administration, which may be reflected in the rest of Syria, are the most important reasons.

The absence of representatives of the north and east of Syria, which includes millions of Syrians, is the result of the fear of the regime and others and the regional and international forces intervening in Syria from the experience of Autonomous Administration, which may be applied in the rest of the Syrian territories, because of the project of the peoples' fraternity and the democratic nation.

Regarding the fate of the Constitutional Committee, al-Thalaj said: "It was not a priority for the Geneva outputs and the path of forming a constitutional committee, we believe that this committee will reach a dead end due to the mechanism through which the Constitutional Commission was formed and its dependence on external forces."

He attributed the interference of foreign forces in the Syrian issue to the intransigence of the Syrian regime and the so-called opposition and insistence in the mindset of exclusion.



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