Al-Temran: Presence of Daesh's detainees without trial will affect regional, international peace

The representative of the Party of Democratic Modernity in the Democratic Autonomous Administration, Maher Al-Temaran said that the presence of mercenaries and their families constitutes an economic burden on the administration areas. He called on the international community to recognize the establishment of an international tribunal for them, because they would affect regional and international peace.

This came during an interview conducted by the correspondents of our agency(ANHA) to talk about the establishment of an international tribunal for prisoners and the seriousness of the mercenaries against the people of the region in light of the international community ignored the demands of the people of the region to establish the court.

"The international community must respond to the demands of the people of north and east of Syria for the establishment of a court to try mercenaries on the land where they committed their crimes," he said.

The presence of mercenaries and their families in the region constitutes an economic burden and keeps the region in constant danger, which requires the availability of potential that may be available only to rich countries living normal lives, which certainly does not apply to our areas that live in siege and conditions emergency.

He referred to the need for the international community to contribute to the establishment of such a court in the areas of administration, as some states have not shown any responsibility for them and have not accepted to bring them back.

As long as Western countries have not received criminals of Daesh and did not take responsibility for their duties and obligations in this regard, they have to contribute to to establish an international court for these criminals in our areas.

He stressed that the region has the human and legal requirements and competencies to conduct such trials. "The cadres that are running and determine the legal measurements of judges, investigators and executors are available and efficient, they can adequately carry out these trials and succeed in achieving the justice desired by the people of the region who have suffered crimes more than any other party and community.

Maher said that the realization of justice and its sense of existence and sovereignty is a collective psychological need to be met.

There is no doubt that the demands of the people in our areas international tribunal that is involved in its establishment and to provide the necessary means to prosecute the criminals, because the issue is related to justice in its bets and entitlements.

expressed his dissatisfaction and astonishment at the fact that the countries of the world have failed to shoulder their responsibilities towards their citizens involved in the war. He added that "the Western mind is an extremely short-sighted arithmetic instrument of selfishness and its search for its own interests.

He concluded by calling on the international community to help provide the burdens of the large number of detainees and the recognition of the establishment of trials in the areas of administration.

It is noteworthy, during its anti-terrorism campaigns, SDF arrested nearly 900 mercenaries of from more than 50 countries, as well as thousands of women and children.



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