​​​​​​​Al-Tamran: Not openness on AA's project caused Syria to slip into Caesar's sanctions 

​​​​​​​Maher al-Tamran explained that the regime's exclusionary policy and not opening up to the autonomous administration project is what caused Syria to slip into economic sanctions "Caesar", doubting that the allegations of pumping the Turkish lira in the occupied areas are in the interest of its people, praising the package of measures taken by the autonomous administration to weaken these sanctions.

The talk of the deputy head of the Modernity and Democracy party, Maher al-Tamran, came during a statement to Hawar agency news ANHA about the implications of Caesar's law over the proper system, Turkey's exploitation of this law to implement its agendas in the occupied areas, and the role of autonomous administration in mitigating the repercussions of this law in its regions.

He indicated that the regime would be overly and difficultly affected by the application of the sanctions emanating from Caesar's law, explaining that the penalties contained in the law are sufficient to tighten the screws on him, and depriving him of one of his most important tools that he pleads to maintain the environment of tyranny to strike the lives of people and bomb civilians.

He added, "The regime's intransigent and exclusionary policy and its lack of response to the logic of dialogue and recognition of the other and its insistence on pursuing a policy of power to quell the revolution, by killing, arresting and bombing civilians is what led him to this impasse and thus imposing sanctions on him, to accept a political solution to the Syrian crisis and prevent further bloodshed.

In the midst of his speech, he pointed out that the autonomous administration represented by its political umbrella always called for the Syrian-Syrian dialogue to resolve the Syrian crisis, and the involvement of all components of the Syrian people in the solution, pointing out that the regime's mentality of monopolizing and seizing power that does not see ownership in the state but ownership, and in its capabilities is spoil and in the will of the people there is a danger that must be crushed, it is it that prevented it from accepting the solution.

He added, "Although the sanctions emanating from the implementation of Caesar's law are mainly related to depriving the regime of weapons and ammunition and from the logistical accessories and oil supplies that it uses to bomb civilians, punishing the main people involved in the structure of tyranny, and holding them accountable and those who support them from countries, companies, and people whoever it is, Otherwise, the lives of civilians must be affected by this law.

In light of this ordeal, the Syrian people demanded to follow its policy and approaches to AA with pluralism and decentralization of government that aim to achieve the interests of the people, the benefits of democratic transformation, the values of coexistence, and recognition of the other, and the belief that Syria is for all Syrians, and that centralization is a formula for tyranny, and that no solution is possible except with the disappearance of tyranny ideology, practice, societal structures and individual and institutional heads.

Al-Tamran questioned the step taken by Turkey in the occupied territories (pumping the Turkish currency) on the basis of its assistance to the people to avoid the penalties of Caesar's law, and that it is in the interest of the people of that region, indicating that it is dedicated to isolating these areas from the general Syrian situation and providing conditions to change the will of the community of these regions and weaken feelings of belonging to the country.

He added, "Turkey will fail with this scheme that it is considering (annexing those areas to it) due to the knowledge of the people of the occupied territories of these plans aimed at annexation, not to mention the complaining of the residents of the practices of their mercenaries there from the looting of property and the destruction of infrastructure and other practices."

At the end of his speech, he praised the package of measures used by the autonomous administration to alleviate the suffering of the people of the regions of northern and eastern Syria from Caesar's law, especially the large increase in employee wages and linking the value of wheat to hard currency, which demonstrates its commitment and preservation of society's interests, dignity and livelihood.



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