Al-Tabqa women: Leyla Guven, Afrin women embodied resistance's reality  

A number of al-Tabqa women have pointed out that March 8th is a victory for the resistance of free women throughout history, and this is the fruit of the women's struggle and extension, stressing that the resistance of Leyla Guven and Afrin women embodied the essence of the resistance that women have adopted as a pattern of their free lives.


In conjunction with the campaign of "With Women's Resistance, Life Blooms and Terrorism Is Defeated" which was launched by the Department of Women in al-Tabqa area in preparation for the International Women's Day on the 8th of March, our agency, Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviewed several women in the area who said that women have been liberated today by virtue of the democratic nation's project that depends on the freedom of women.

The co-chair of the General Relations Committee in the Democratic Civil Administration of al-Tabqa area Asia al-Gharbi has congratulated the women of the area for the approaching of this day, the day of victory, as she described it, she said, "Women have always suffered scourges throughout history that transformed them into mere commodities and tools at the hands of the opposite sex. The society imposed on them habits and traditions that distorted the reality of women who are the essence of struggle.

And she added, "But today, by virtue of the resistance of free women in our regions such as the martyrs Arin Mirkan and Avista Khabur and the symbol of struggle Leyla Guven, we have been able to obtain our sacred freedom and participate in decision-making in an entity in which women have proven themselves."

The young women Media Madour said, "Al-Tabqa women have organized themselves in order to prove their role in establishing the society, and in particular, al-Tabqa women have severely suffered during IS' domination for 3 years. It is very necessary to restore the women their role and rights which were disappeared between a masculine society and an imposed power on their reality. We must organize our ranks in the society, institutions and the military units to confirm that the resistance of women continues."



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