Al-Tabqa notables: Turkey failed, they confirm to adhere of democratic nation 's ideology

Sheikhs and Arab clans' notables in al-Tabqa area and its countryside confirmed that the colonial countries are fighting the real democratic projects that embrace the idea of peoples' fraternity, and respect for religions, in order to consolidate their projects and expansionist ambitions, and referred to the Turkish state and its conspiracies in Syria.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviewed with sheikh Farhan al-Amalah, sheikh of al-Wahab clan, and one of the notables of Shammar clan in the area, and sheikh Sultan al-Wakah, the notable of al-Akidat clan in the area, who talked about the seriousness of colonial projects targeting the region, which are hostile to all Syrian components, it aims to tear apart the unity of these components, and to coexist with each other since ancient times.

Turkey could not prevent the democratic nation's ideology by arresting leader Abdullah Ocalan

Sheikh of al-Amalah clan "Turkey and its colonial policy pose a great danger to the region, and it has arrested leader Abdullah Ocalan and isolated him from the world on a distant island, in order to stifle all democratic ideas that represent the salvation from slavery for the peoples of the region, and by arresting leader Abdullah Ocalan Turkey wanted to imprison the thought, not the body, because it feared the right thought that might end tyranny and authoritarianism and give people their rights, but failed to achieve this goal, because the thought of leader Ocalan has spread throughout the world despite all attempts."

Discrimination and racism are strings played by Turkey to occupy the region

He pointed out the colonial policies practiced by Turkey in the region, which depend on creating conflicts, spreading division, and taking the principle of "divide and rule" as the essence of its ambitions in order to facilitate its control and occupation of the areas, and the Turkish state has used its mercenaries who sold themselves by dollars, and its media that aims to spread the spirit of discrimination between the components in NE, Syria.

leader's ideology and democratic nation project are being successfully implemented on the ground.

Farhan al-Amalah also said: "The democratic nation project succeeded in all fields and proved the facts, and the thought of leader Abdullah Ocalan is a great thought and all the Syrian components have benefited from this thought that has spread in the world, so we consider him today as our leader because who wants good for us and enjoys humanity and justice are the real leaders for us, not those who drag us to the brink."

The right democratic thought is difficult for enemies and mercenaries.

"It was the correct thought of democracy that has been granted by leader Ocalan, which today made us in NE, Syria reap the fruits of democracy, after consolidating the principles of peoples' fraternity and co-existence among all components " al-Amalah said.

He added: "Those whom Turkey sits in its hotels and recruits to serve it, did not bring to the Syrian people other than killing, destruction and displacement and they and their supporters have failed to break the cohesion and coexistence between the Syrian components, on the contrary this unity has become more solid after identifying the one enemy that committed bloodshed of the Syrian people."

Syrians getting away from each other encouraged the aspirants

In the same interview, ANHA's agency held a meeting with sheikh Sultan al-Waka al-Akidi, the notable of Al-Akidat clan in the region, who in turn highlighted the suffering of the Syrian people as a result of these policies targeting Syria.

Al-Akidi attributed the suffering of the Syrian people to the internal conflict created by the colonial powers, led by Turkey, stressing that it was the distancing of the Syrian components from each other that made it easier for the greedy to enter Syrian territory after creating conflict and religious trouble among the people.

He called on the peoples of the region to join hands together and unite and reject differences and sedition to remove the Turkish occupier from Syrian territory and clean Syria of mercenaries.

With awareness and free thought, Erdogan will be defeated and his bloody plans will fall.

Al-Akidi pointed to the state of awareness among all Syrian peoples about the plot that targets Syrian territory, stressing: "The fate of this conspiracy is failure because the victory belongs to the owners of right and land, and the cohesion between the Syrian components is the shield that will fall to all the conspiracies that been made by Erdogan and other aspiring people, and just like our ancestors defeated Ottomans, we will defeat the new-Ottomans with our simple potential, our great love for our country and our jealousy over it, and the Syrian people with their children, women and men will stand up to any occupier."

"Turkey and other colonial powers do not want our people to live democracy because our power on our land and love for freedom scare them, and this is what we will never give up under any circumstances."



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