Al-Tabqa National Hospital on road to draw smile on each patient's face

The Health Committee of Democratic Civil Administration opened al-Tabqa National Hospital, the second largest public hospital in Syria and the first in North Syria


More than seven years after the departure of al-Tabqa National Hospital from service during the IS occupation of the city, the hospital has been hit by dozens of air raids by the regime's aircraft,  but now it restored its former state and purpose for which it was built after it turned into a military barrack and an arsenal to protect Daesh and their predecessor of Jabhit al-Nusra and Free Army mercenaries.

The opening ceremony was attended by the two co-chairs of the Executive Council in al-Tabqa, Shiyar Mohammed and Hind al-Ali, the co-chair of the Legislative Council in al-Tabqa, Hamed al- Faraj, the Martyrs' Families Foundation, the Internal Committee and a number of co-chairs and members of civil society institutions in al-Tabqa.

Before the start of the opening ceremony, the attendees stood a minute of silence, followed by the opening speech of the Health Committee in al-Tabqa, which was delivered by the Co-chair, Nawras Ibrahim, in which she welcomed the audience and expressed her joy of the opening of this great edifice as she described, in which she also stressed that those who want to progress should look at the future.

Ibrahim also pointed out that al-Tabqa National Hospital has become ready only logistically with the scarcity of medical tools and equipment limited to what was provided by the Kurdish Red Crescent.

At the end of her speech, the Co-chair of the Health Committee called on all UN organizations and decision-makers to provide support and assistance to the hospital and make every effort to get medically ready and able to continue and draw the smile on the face of each patient as she said.

At the end of the opening speech, the Co-chair of the Martyrs' Families Affairs Committee in al-Tabqa, Ibtisam al-Ali has presented to cut the opening tape and then the Health Committee accompanied the delegation to a field tour inside the hospital to see what was accomplished and to know more about the hospital.

It is worth mentioning that since the beginning of February, the Health Committee, in cooperation with an international organization, started the renovation and maintenance of the hospital structure, a comprehensive study and time plan were put to complete the work, but the completion was not completed on schedule at the beginning of last April due to significant damage in the water and sanitation networks that were created during the period of the hospital's transformation into a military barracks for IS mercenaries, which was not revealed until the completion of the renovation project.




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