Al-Tabqa explosion claims civilian’s life, wounds nine

This evening, a car bomb in the city of al-Tabqa resulted in a civilian’s loss of life and the injury of nine others, according to preliminary information, while security forces managed to seize another car bomb and dismantled it.

Our correspondents from the city reported that a car bomb exploded this evening near the church roundabout in Palestine Street in the city of al-Tabqa. According to preliminary information, a citizen was killed and 9 others were injured.

Internal security forces have cordoned off the scene of the bombing and investigations are underway.

On the other hand, military sources confirmed to our correspondents that the security forces were able to seize another car bomb and dismantle it, pointing out that it was loaded with large quantities of explosive materials and filled with various metal fillings.

The security forces continue to search for another suspicious car believed to be booby-trapped as well.


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