Al-Tabqa clans: Euphrates Clans Forum showed our position and united us

 A number of Arab tribal sheikhs in al-Tabqa region pointed out that "the meeting of the Euphrates tribes was a clear message to Turkish fascism on the reality of the situation and the message of steadfastness by holding it in the region that threatens it continuously, stressing the need to find a solution to the Syrian crisis with the participation of all parties, including the Syrian regime, which received an invitation to do so.

On margin of the Forum of the Euphrates tribes held in the canton of GIRÊ SPî / Tel-Abyed under the slogan "No to the Turkish Threats to the North and East of Syria, yes to a Safe Syria", with attendance more than 1,500 Sheikhs and notables' clans of Manbij and al-Raqqa and al-Tabqa Representatives of the Autonomous Administration, Syria Democratic Council SDC and political parties, Hawar news agency (ANHA) met with a number of Arab tribal sheikhs in al-Tabqa region to clarify the positions adopted by the Arab tribes and the messages they wanted to convey through the forum.

The Forum of the Euphrates tribes gave a clear picture of our position

Sheikh Hashem al-Daif, the sheikh of al-Bou Jaber clan in al-Tabqa region, spoke about the importance of this forum, which embraced all the components of the people of northern and eastern Syria, "in a step that united the position and row of this people who write their history today and charts the future course of the region. Turkish threats to the north and east of Syria continue periodically, which necessitated the establishment of the forum and the gathering of Arab tribes in the region to give a clear position to the regional countries and the international community in general, which is to reject these cowardly threats against our region.

Holding the meeting in Tel- Abyad is a message of fascism

Al-Daif pointed to the message that the sheikhs and clans' notables wanted to deliver through holding the forum in Tel-Abyed canton on the Syrian-Turkish border, saying, "We delivered our message before the start of the forum, namely, the establishment of the forum in the area threatened by the Turkish state for 24 hours. And its declarations of targeting them but proving their failure day after day, and this is if it is thanks to the solidarity of the people of the region and the territorial integrity liberated by a part of the abomination of ISIS terrorism, which was not then a threat to the security of the Turkish state.

Resolving the Syrian crisis from inside Syria, not from outside

At the end of the speech, al-Daif pointed to the mechanism of resolving the long-standing Syrian crisis and has devastated all the people of the region as described during his speech. "Through the gathering of all the clans of the region and representatives of the region's components in general, our common denominator was that solutions to the Syrian crisis must be found to guarantee all rights regardless of race or religion. A Syrian-Syrian solution through an integrated dialogue that brings all parties away from external arms that interfere in the region and move the stick of the crisis wherever it wants and in the interests of its interests on Syrian soil.

ISIS is the righteous son of the New-Ottoman Empire

In a meeting with sheikh Abbas al-Alu, the sheikh of al- Sakhani clan, he pointed to the essence of Turkish intentions. “Over the years of the Syrian crisis, we have not seen any position of the international community towards this people, which is true and sincere. It was shyness of the description, not to mention the positions of the countries supporting terrorism in Syria, led by the Turkish state, which showed the world the truth of its colonial intentions in the region, and the daily threats to our regions are only a small part of this fascism, ISIS was the best son of the new Ottoman-led Erdogan, that had been showed during its domination on large scale lands which gave Erdogan full satisfaction personally.

The tribes of the region sent their message to the Syrian regime

Regarding the outcome of the forum, Sheikh Zuaiter al-Zuaiter, Sheikh of the Al-Ajeel clan in al-Tabqa region, pointed out that the Arab tribes sent a serious call to the Syrian government to reconsider its political positions towards the region and to take bold and effective positions towards Turkish threats that threaten the entire Syrian territory. It must protect this land and stop the Turkish hand from it, which is trying to tamper with the stability of the region, and our call stems from the necessity of Syrian solidarity in the face of any external aggressor and to end the state of conflict, which does not know the end if the foreign countries continue to chart its course according to its whims.



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