Al-Shibli considered US position on Idlib as slap to Turky

Member of the Presidential Council in the Syrian Democratic Council SDC, Mari al-Shibli, considered that the American position on the developments in Idlib aims at what he called by educating Turkey on its proximity to Russia.

The statements of a member of the Presidential Council of SDC came in a meeting with ANHA's agency about the accelerating developments in Idlib, which moved to a direct confrontation between the regime forces and the Turkish occupation army.

Al-Shibli said: "Indeed, the Syrian square has unfortunately become an arena of international and regional conflicts to settle scores, as what is happening in Idlib definitely surpasses the Syrian geographical borders."

Feverish race to settle on the ground before the Caesar Act comes into effect

On the rapid political and military developments taking place in Idlib, al-Shibli said: "Turkey has an interest in opening both the M4 and M5 international routes, and everyone, especially the regime and Russia, are racing before applying the US Caesar Law in the middle of next month to avoid sanctions and exploitation the Air Force as much as possible, before declaring a ban. Air flying in accordance with one of the provisions of the aforementioned law to control what is possible from the Idlib Governorate.

Turkish ambitions in the bounties of neighboring countries

As for Turkish interference in the affairs of neighboring countries, al-Shibli said: "The arguments and excuses that Erdogan made were unfounded, including that Libya was under the control of the Ottoman Empire and there were tribes of Turkish origin, but the real intervention lies in stealing and plundering the goods of Libya from Gas and natural resources, and Turkey has precedents to legitimize its interventions, as happened in Cyprus in 1970 when the occupation of its lands, under the pretext of the presence of Turks, but the number of Turks at that time did not exceed 15% of the population. "

The regime needs Iran

As for the Iranian role in the region, al-Shibli said: "We cannot forget the Iranian role in the region, which faces a refusal by all parties to enter it, after the Israeli-American-Russian meeting, but the need of the Syrian regime for elements on the ground allowed the Iranians to remain in the equation and the Iranian goal in intervention Syria to complete the Shiite crescent project and bring it to the Mediterranean. "

Regarding the American position on recent developments, al-Shibli said, "As for the American position, it is monitoring. After the Turks departed from the American phase by acquiring Russian missiles or starting interventions in Syrian territory without permission.

The regime's control of Idlib will be the beginning of the end of the Turkish occupation of Syrian lands

Regarding the repercussions of the regime's control of Idlib governorate, a member of the Presidential Council of SDC al-Shibli said: "If Idlib collapsed, the Turks will not have a role in Syria, including the areas called the Euphrates Shield and the olive branch, and the issue of continuing Turkish interference in the internal affairs of the country will end. Syrian regions. "

He continued in this regard, "but we will find it difficult to drag both the Russians and the regime into accepting the decisions of Geneva 2,254, and there will be no role for the so-called Ankara opposition, but the real opposition that did not bow to foreign agendas will be invited."

He stressed that there is no solution to the Syrian crisis except the implementation of Geneva resolutions 2,254, saying, "In this way, the crisis will not end, because areas in southern Syria are outside the control of the regime and its authority is in the east of Syria."

He concluded, "If the parties want to end the Syrian crisis, and it is in America’s interest that the Idlib paper be present, to form an opposition delegation from the real representatives of the moderate opposition, I mean here by the members of the Syrian Democratic Council, and honorable members of the opposition, to attend the Cairo platform, and we will be among the races to unify the ranks of the Syrian opposition. , The country's interest is likely to attend in Geneva and work on a draft constitution in accordance with Geneva Decisions 2,254.



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