Al-Shahba residents suffer from siege

Al-Shahba district is located in the northwestern city of Aleppo, and is only a few kilometers away from the Syrian government's control areas in Aleppo, where the government imposes a blockade on the people of Afrin canton and prevents the entry of diesel tanks and the exit of the people to the city of Aleppo, and the entry of materials to the canton.

Since the occupation of Afrin 3 years ago, the people of the canton were no safe from the violations of the Turkish occupation, in addition to the Syrian government imposing a suffocating siege on the canton, as the only border crossing between the Syrian government and autonomous administration in Afrin canton is closed to the transit movement.

On this, the co-chair of the Executive Council in the Afrin region, Shiraz Hamo, explained the conditions that the IDPs live in light of the Syrian government's blockade of the canton, and said: "The infrastructure of al-Shahba district was destroyed by 80% when we settled there, as a result of the wars, which made it difficult for the people live in them, especially with the scarcity of international support and logistical support for the people of the canton, and the AA has limited its capabilities to serve its people, and is still making efforts to secure the requirements of the people.

The impact of the blockade on society

Shiraz Hamo touched on the effects of the siege of the Syrian government on society in the canton and said: "The Syrian government prohibits the entry of drugs into the canton or the receiving of emergency cases, which causes health problems, because it is one of the urgent matters that are difficult to postpone, in addition to that the government forces barriers are imposed exorbitant taxes on the people of Afrin while they went to the city in emergency cases. "

She added: "It also causes social problems due to the spread of poverty in society and high unemployment. It is difficult for us, like the administration of the region, to open commercial crossings, develop projects for the people and market production to Aleppo, because the geography of al-Shahba is small, and this reflects on the conditions of the people in the canton."

Shiraz Hamo appealed to the international organizations and humanitarian organizations, to take into consideration the situation of al-Shahba, and to secure the requirements of the canton and reach a solution to return the residents of the canton to their homes, and to reach a political vision that serves the interests of the Syrian people.



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