AL-Shahba people: We will be able to overcome of masculine mentality by democratic nation concept

Al-Shahba canton 's people pointed out that by virtue of democratic nation concept, they managed to overcome outdated and marginalized customs and traditions of the role of women in the fields of life, and by 8 March they blessed the women of the region and stressed their desire to change their minds for the better.


The 8th of March marks the International Women's Day. In this context, our agency, Hawar news (ANHA) explored the opinions of al-Shahab canton 's people from the Arab component on their acceptance of the views and freedom of women after liberation from the constraints of the Baathist regime and IS' mercenaries.

The citizen Mohammed Haj Mossa said "In the region where we live, we have been influenced by religious beliefs and concepts. "It was necessary to impose hijab and the inability to leave the house and paly its role in the region under the pretext of religion and Islam."

Hussein Hajji said "This is the second year we celebrate the occasion of International Women's Day. During this period, we, as al-Shahab people and especially men from the Arab and Turkmen clans, after the customs and traditions that our ancestors left us, seek to develop and change our thinking."

He noted that they accept women in the joint presidency from the administration of the region to its presence in the communes and is now an effective force "Women are the main platform in changing our thinking towards the freedom of women and fight the masculine mentality by imposing its will and not accept the marginalization of its role after today."

For his part, said citizen Mohammed Ahmed "There is no doubt that the influence of masculine mentality on us as men in the region was very large, and we faced a lot of difficulties so we could accept women and their role in communities, but after receiving training courses focused on the democratic nation concept, we were able to deepen and accept this positive step.



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