Al-Shahba: Health, Municipality take measures against Coronavirus

The Health Committee in Afrin region started to distribute thermometers to the camps and medical points and to coordinate with the University Hospital in Aleppo in the event of any case of infection with the virus, while the People's Municipality began a sterilization campaign in the district.

As part of the efforts made to prevent the arrival and spread of the Coronavirus, the Health Committee in Afrin canton distributed thermometers to all camps and medical points in Al-Shahba canton.

The Health Committee in Al-Shahba canton confirmed, earlier, that no cases of Coronavirus were recorded in Al-Shahba district.

"We are working hard to take the necessary measures to protect the displaced people of Afrin living in Al-Shahba district," the co-chair of the Health Committee in Afrin canton, Hevin Hussein, told Hawar.

She continued, "Although no infection with the virus was recorded or suspected, we take the necessary precautions and measures for prevention."

"We started with awareness campaigns and distributed leaflets on all the communes in Al Shahba district, in order to take care of personal hygiene and how to prevent the virus," Hevin added.

Among the preventive measures taken, Hevin explained that, in order to prevent gatherings, we receive only urgent and dangerous cases at the medical points. We also distributed thermometers to the five camps and the hospital, to check their temperature before entering the camps, and in the event of a rise in temperature, they put surgical mask and head to the examination room to make the necessary inspection. "

On future plans, Hevin said, "We are preparing for awareness campaigns and lectures on how to protect against disease, personal hygiene and homes, gathering centers and public health, as we are working to increase the number of washbasin in all places, especially in camps, in addition to increasing the distribution of sterilizers and detergents."

Hevin called not to gather in markets and public places.

She emphasized that the Health Committee in Afrin region is coordinating with the University Hospital in Aleppo, in order to transfer any infections with the Coronavirus to the hospital, and has also equipped quarantine rooms in the canton to transfer the suspected cases to quarantine.

At the end of her speech, the co-chair of the Health Committee, Hevin Hussein, called on all citizens to take preventive measures and pay attention to personal hygiene and wash hands well while transporting ambulatory cases to medical points.

In this context, the People's Municipality of Afrin has begun today with a campaign to sterilize schools, institutions, mosques, communes and councils, as precautionary measures to preserve public health and safety.

The municipality plans to sterilize more than 150 buildings, and the municipal workers' workers and members of communes and councils participate in the campaign.

The co-chair of the People's Municipality of Afrin canton, Fayek Ahmed, explained that the campaign came as part of taking preventive measures from the Corona pandemic, which is threatening the world.

She explained that the first stage of the sterilization process started spraying institutions, camps, buildings and public facilities.



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