​​​​​​​Al-Shahba condemns assassination of martyr Yassin Bulut

 Hundreds of members of the Council of Martyrs' Families in the Afrin region condemned the assassination of the fighter Yassin Bulut "Shukri Sarhad" in Başûr Kurdistan.

 Today, hundreds of people denounced the assassination, considering that it betrayal by some parties in Başûr Kurdistan, calling on the Kurdish people throughout Kurdistan to rise up in the face of treachery and the schemes of the occupiers.

 The demonstration began on the road to the Al-Ahdath district - the village of Tal Qarah and continued until the entrance to the village of Tal Susin in the al-Shahba canton.

 The demonstrators raised pictures of the martyr fighter "Yassin Bulut" and pictures of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and banners that read "The March of Dignity against Occupation and Betrayal."


Demonstrators  stood for a minute of silence, and then the co-chair of the Afrin Canton Council, Zulukh Bakr, delivered a speech in which she emphasized that the enemy’s plans would not affect their will and added: “The Kurdish people have a solid will, and the plans of the enemy will not be able to exterminate us, they will not be able to do so.”

 She added, "The enemies have united again to harm the Kurdish people. Their plans are in effect with agreements from them, and that is why world countries remain silent about the violations against us."


 For his part, Vice-President of the Co-Presidency of al-Shahba District Council Ismail Musa noted that Turkish policies in the region aim to exterminate the people, "Turkey practices the same policies in north and east Syria and in Başûr Kurdistan, and through these policies aims to exterminate the Kurdish people."

 Musa pointed out that the assassination in Başûr indicates the presence of a hand of treason behind it, and said: "There is a hand of treason behind this assassination, so the people must stand in the face of these policies, and unite against all enemies to be victorious."

 In the end, the demonstrators chanted slogans denouncing treason.



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