Al-Shahba Canton Suffers from a severe shortage of Medicines

As a result of the siege imposed by the Syrian regime on al-Shahba for more than a year and a half, the canton is experiencing a severe shortage of medicines, medical staff and supplies, which led to the failure of medical centers sometimes the needs of patients, in light of the overlook to find a solution by the concerned organizations  to fill the shortage.

Al-Shahba Canton continues to suffer from a shortage of medicines and medical capabilities due to the siege imposed by the Syrian regime on the region, which threatens the lives of cancer patients, neurological diseases, hepatitis and many other diseases at risk.

The siege led to the depletion of many types of medicines and medical supplies, with the Syrian regime preventing the passage of patients and incurable cases to the city of Aleppo for treatment.

In this regard, the administrative of the Kurdish Red Crescent Akram Areb talked about the difficulty of providing medical supplies and medicines in the current situation, such as drugs oncology, kidney, neurological and psychological diseases and chronic diseases.

"According to recent statistics, we have more than 1000 cases of skin patients, most of them suffer from allergies, rashes and leishmaniasis, including skin cancer, and there are 300 cases of neuropsychiatric and are in dire need of sedative drugs," Areb said.

In conclusion, Areb called on the concerned organizations to move and find an urgent solution to solve the problem, noting the need to send medicines quickly.



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