Al-Shahba Canton Council provides economic, health support to people of Afrin

In order to provide financial and morale support, al-Shahba Canton Council continues to provide all agricultural, economic and health assistance and services to the residents of Afrin and al-Shahba cantons.


Since the arrival of the people of Afrin to al-Shahba who were forced out of their homes by the attacks of the Turkish occupation and mercenaries, and in order to provide financial and morale support to the people amid the siege imposed on al- Shahba, the Administration of al-Shahba will provide assistance to the people of the two cantons.

And the assistance provided by the council for people include the distribution of fuel oil, along with the distribution of 2,400 food baskets per month to needy families, and provide bread free of charge and water at half cost and electricity free of charge.

In addition to this assistance, the Council provided health services, including the opening of health clinics in each of the villages of "Tal Qarah, Juba, Babans and Emm Hosh" and provides health services for the residents free of charge.

To raise the economic level of some needy families, the council provided loans to open small projects, where the number of families who got loans and opened the projects has reached 50 families so far.

In this regard, the co-chair of al-Shahba Canton Council Emad Dawad said "In addition to the assistance we provide to the people, we focus on the organizational work by communicating with the communes and consolidating the idea of a democratic nation so that we can succeed in our society at this difficult stage and organize the society and unite on the idea of peoples’ fraternity and coexistence."

For his part, Mohammed al-Hassan of the people of Fafin district of al-Shahba Canton thanked al-Shahba Canton Council to secure and provide the substance of diesel free of charge for them amid the suffocating siege imposed on the canton.



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