Al-Shahba ... Systematic siege practiced for concessions

An administrator in the Future Syria Party pointed out that the goal of the Damascus government in the siege of al-Shahba canton is to obtain concessions from the Autonomous Administration, and said, "The Syrian regime and Turkey are two sides of the same coin."

The Damascus government has imposed a suffocating siege for nearly two months, on al-Shahba canton and the displaced Afrin occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries, and prevented the entry of food, health and fuel supplies to it.

The siege has opened the way for the deterioration of economic, health and social life, and a decline in the standard of living, especially in light of the outbreak of the Corona pandemic.

In al-Shahba canton, in the northern countryside of the city of Aleppo, there are 5 camps for the Afrin IDPs after Turkey and its mercenaries occupied the city in 2018.

The camps established by the Autonomous Administration of the displaced from Afrin and containing thousands are "Sardam, Afrin, Al-Awda, Al-Shahba and Barkhdan."

The Damascus government forces impose exorbitant sums on the entry of any truck into the canton, amounting to two million Syrian pounds or more, in addition to blocking people movement as there are 5 checkpoints for the Fourth Division between Aleppo and al-Shahba canton.

These violations aroused the anger of the people in al-Shahba canton, and they expressed this by going out in demonstrations at the checkpoints of the Damascus government forces, amid the silence of humanitarian organizations.

Commenting on this, the administrator in the Office of the Future Syria Party in Al-Darbasiyah district, Rustam Bakr, explained to ANHA agency many of the pending issues between the Damascus government and the Autonomous Administration, including Ain Issa, the shape of Syria after Joe Biden came to office, and how to solve the Syrian crisis politically.

Bakr added, "With Russia's help, the Syrian regime is trying to take advantage of the vacuum in the White House, as it is trying to control Ain Issa in order to be able to control the M4 international road, and imposing the siege on al-Shahba canton is one of those files."

'Siege for abdication'

Bakr points out that the Damascus’s siege against the people of al-Shahba canton and the forcibly displaced people of Afrin is “not alien” from it. Preserving its power, and he is still ready to kill and bet on another counterpart in order to preserve his power. "

Bakr pointed out that the Damascus government knows that there are displaced people in occupied Afrin, and it is besieged by the latter, and there is no outlet except the road that it controls, and he said, "The Syrian regime is trying to obtain concessions by blocking Shahba."

'Two faces of the same coin'

Bakr continued, "The policy pursued by the Syrian regime against the people of al-Shahba canton is very similar to the violations committed by the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries in occupied Afrin, as they differ in their form, but the content is the same. What is happening in al-Shahba canton is a continuation of the Afrin plot and the extermination of the Kurdish people. They are sentenced to death. "

'Politicized organizations'

Regarding the silence of humanitarian organizations working in Syria, especially in light of the spread of Corona, about the imposed siege and preventing the entry of raw materials such as fuel and medicine supplies, Rustam Bakr said: “Humanitarian organizations working in Syria are politicized organizations that work according to international policy dictates that are in their interest. ".

 At the end of his speech, the administrator in the office of the Future Syria Party in Al-Darbasiyah district, Rustum Bakr, called on international humanitarian organizations to break their silence and do their duty



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