Al-Shaddadi people: International community has to classify gangs fought with Turkey on terrorism lists

Al-Shaddadi district's people have demanded from the international community and security council to classify mercenary gangs supported by Turkey on terrorism lists, because they are committing horrible crimes as did ISIS.

Reactions demanding to push Turkish occupation out the occupied areas and classifying the mercenaries who fought with Turkey as terrorism lists, which wreak havoc and devastation in NE, Syria and commit massacres against families and civilians, and repeat the scenario of ISIS mercenary practices under other names.

Alaa al-Ali, a resident of al-Shamali neighborhood of al-Shaddadi district, said in his interview with Hawar news agency (ANHA) that "we decry the terrorist attacks that occur in Ras al-Ain, al-Bab, Jarabulus, and all the cities of northern Syria, because these gangs that fight as auxiliary forces to the Turkish occupation are originally terrorist forces and remnants of the terrorist organization ISIS and Jabhet al-Nusra and others factions. "

Al-Ali stressed that their demand from the Security Council and the guarantor countries for the peace process is that these forces fighting with the Turkish occupation be classified as "terrorist forces," because they are committing war massacres with the most violent methods and weapons internationally prohibited, and this is the demand of the people and residents of all al-Shaddadi district. "

On her part, Amira Tuwaij noted that the actions of terrorist mercenaries in NE, Syria are only evidence of ISIS's return under a new name and Turkish cover.

Amira Tuwaij pointed out that what the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries by terrorizing the most violent massacres they committed against women, children and public property confirms that they are terrorists, "so we demand that they be formally classified by the Security Council and the international community as terrorist factions and include them on the list of terrorism."

They stressed that the people of NE, Syria will not allow the Turkish occupation to remain in their areas and work to get them out, noting that the peoples of the region with all its components support the SDF.



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