Al-Shaddadi clans: Turkey seeks to occupy our territories with Russian support 

The notables of Al-Shaddadi clans pointed out that Turkish occupation massacres aims at Turkification of the northeast areas of Syria. They stressed that its attacks on the Syrian territories are carried out with a Russian green light.

The Turkish occupation has seriously increased its violation recently in all areas in northeast of Syria by drones that directly affects civilians amid a terrible international silence that prove its satisfactions with the massacres of the occupation.

Notable of al-Ma`amara clan  and al-Azzawi, Ramiz al-Azzawi Mukhtar, pointed out that Turkey wants to annex the cities it occupied in the northeast of Syria, as it did with Alexandron Brigade.

Al-Azzawi added, "We support SDF in full what we have. We will defend our homeland, and not give up an inch of it. We have confidence in our forces and have the strong will in the joining efforts of regions components." 

 Strange silence indicates an agreement to strike the security and stability of our regions

Al-Azzawi noted that Turkey looted the livelihood and forcibly displaced the peoples of the region and fought them by various criminal means, and continued, "This violates all international agreements and covenants concerned with the preservation of peace, amid a strange silence indicating a direct agreement to strike security and stability in the region. "

He ended his speech by saying, "Russia, as a guarantor country, but it has not moved towards Turkey's crimes. This indicates direct partnership with Turkey in criminalizing the right of the peoples of the region."

For his part, notable of Al-Mulhem clan, Hamza Al-Goud, explained the extent of the close connection between the tribesmen and the SDF and their solidarity to deter terrorism from all regions.

He indicated that Turkey is an occupied country that seeks to expand the scope of its occupation, and sow discord among the coexisting components of the people for thousands of years and said, "This matter is hard for it."

It is worth noting that in the last meeting that brought together Russia, Iran and Turkey, the three agreed to strike SDF through Turkey and with the consent of Russia and Iran, according to observers for the Syrian affair.

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