Al-Sarraj visited Turkey recently, observers warn of a scheme to end the political solution

Libyan sources have revealed that the Accord Government's president Fayez Al-Sarraj visited Turkey unexpectedly on Sunday, in an unannounced and vague visit that coincided with arrival of the chief of staff of the Accord's Forces, Mohamed Al-Hadad, to Ankara, while observers believe that Turkey is seeking in foiling the political solution and launch a new offensive.

Libyan sources told the Arab newspaper quoting close sources to the Presidential Council that Al-Sarraj arrived on Sunday unexpectedly at Istanbul in an unannounced visit, where he met Major General Ibrahim Al-Shaqef, deputy to the former head of the Internal Security of the Presidential Council. 

And revealed that the meeting that its deliberations were kept very secrete, as nothing was leaked on that, was held in the ''Raflis'' hotel in Istanbul where Al-Sarraj is residing in his visit that coincided with arrival of the chief of staff of the Accord's Forces, Mohamed Al-Hadad, to Ankara, surprisingly too, where he met Turkish Defense Minister, Hulusi Akkar, present at the meeting was Turkish General Staff commander Yashar Guler.     

According to Al-Arab newspaper, the mysterious and unannounced visit of the head of the Libyan Government of National Accord, Fayez al-Sarraj, to Turkey, which at the same time and hastily summoned the Chief of Staff of the Libyan Army, Major General Muhammad al-Haddad, raised a number of concerns in eastern Libya, accompanied with apprehension A great deal of the Turkish authorities ’efforts to break the balance of the conflict at the level of al-Jufra - Sirte axis.

The paper added that '' fears have spread widely on the declaration of the operation room to secure and protect '' Sirt- al-Jufra'' related to ''militias'' of ''Misrata'', closing roads south of ''Abu Qirin'' and ''al-Washka'' to al-Jufra, that was coincided with a clear warning from the Libyan army that Turkey is preparing loyal ''militias'' that are backed by the Syrian mercenaries to launch massive military attack on Sirt to change the balance of the present power''.    

On this, the spokesperson of the Libyan Army, Major General Ahmed Al-Mismari, warned that Turkey is preparing via it's ''militias'' a military attack on Tripoli describing it as big.

In press statements, he pointed out that, during the past two days, huge aircraft loaded with heavy weapons were monitored at al-Watiya base and the airports of Misurata and Maitika, and the introduction of new mercenaries trained in Turkey on new weapons technologies, in conjunction with a visit by military advisors to Libya.

He considered that Turkey by these moves tries'' by all means to abort the intra-Libyan dialogue, in fear of reaching a political solution, that leads to its exit from Libya once for all, where it tries to put obstacles, in a bid to keep Fayez al-Sarraj in his post, though he pledged to resign at the end of the on-going October.



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