Al-Salhiya people: We to protest till deporting Syrian regime from our areas

Residents of al-Salhiya, who were displaced from their areas, confirming that they continue their protest tireless against the Syrian regime, which forced them to get out of their areas till achieving their goal to exclude the regime.

The eastern countryside of Deir -ez-Zor witnessed popular protests against the regime's repressive practices against the people of 6 villages after they were prevented from returning to their homes despite the demands of the people, which included the departure of the Syrian regime from their areas.

Residents of the villages of al-Salhiya, Khasham, Mirat, Mazloum, Husseineya, Hattla, called on the Syrian regime to leave their villages to return to them during interviews conducted by ANHA correspondent with them while explaining that the deportation of the regime is to make demographic change against the people of the region.

This behavior by the regime sparked anger in the hearts of the people on September 20 and went out in a mass demonstration after Friday prayers, which they called Friday liberation, while vowing to continue protests until the Syrian regime get out of their areas.

displaced Karim al-Abdallah is a displaced from the village of al-Salhiya says "We, are the displaced villagers in the desert of Deir-ez-Zor, have no shelter, no homes but tents and mud houses. We want to return to our homes. This is a legitimate right for us."

displaced Tarfat al-Mukhlif expressed her rejection of what is happening in their villages from which they were displaced. "We want to go home"

It is worth mentioning that despite the demonstrators' peaceful demonstrations last week, Syrian regime forces at Salhiya checkpoints confronted them with live bullets without hearing their demands, resulted in the killing two citizens and injuring dozens.



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