Al-Sada: AA did not prevent Syrians from returning home

Hussein al-Sada explained that Erdogan is directing the Syrian people towards the holocaust in Idlib, we demand that Syrians return to their country.

The Democratic Autonomous Administration later issued a statement appealing to the residents of northern and eastern Syria who were displaced from the region during the war to return to their homes.

On the sidelines of the Dialogue Forum of the Tribes of Al-Jazeera Region held in the city of Qamishlo, our correspondents met with the representative of the tribes of Bani Sabaa, Hussein Al-Sada.

Hussein al-Sada said that since the beginning of the events in Syria, the Autonomous  Administration(AA) did not prevent anyone from entering its territory, "Syrians living in the north and east of Syria and displaced to Turkey now return to their country and the AA did not prevent them from returning, so we here also demand the return of Syrians to their country.

We are demanding that the Syrians return home, because it is our duty, the Syrian people are a great people and do not deserve what has been done to them, he added.

Erdogan directs the Syrians in Turkey to the holocaust in Idlib, he said, "After earning millions of dollars from the displaced, he is now directing them to the holocaust.

Some parties have killed Syrians in northern and eastern Syria, so they must know that we are defending our lands with our blood, and we are protecting our people with our children. Turkey which seek to establish a buffer zone in our lands must know well that we will take it out and defeat it as we defeated it in 1915, and Turkey knows the position of the Arab tribes.



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