Al-Raqqa Sheikhs: Yesterday's explosion targeted national fabric, security of area

Al-Raqqa's elders and sheikhs condemned what they have described as " the criminal action" which targeted the city of al-Raqqa and resulted in deaths and martyrs indicating to the external agendas which are trying to break the will of the people and the national fabric in our liberated areas."  

The city of Al-Raqqa on Tuesday suffered a series of explosions that wounded innocent civilians, killing a number of martyrs and wounded. The terrorist attack provoked the resentment from the elders and residents of the city who expressed their indignation at interviews with the Hawar News Agency(ANHA).

Al-Bureij clan's leader Mohammed Nur al-Dhib denounced "the cowardly act that has claimed the lives of many civilians."

Al-Dhib added, "After the great victory achieved by the forces of democracy together in the last enclave of  Daesh mercenaries in al-Bagouz, some of the obscurantist forces sought a failed attempt to strike at the stability of the region and national cohesion among all components through the use of sleeper cells in a riot that claimed the lives of civilians ".

Sheikh Mohammed Nur al-Dhib affirmed the determination of the tribes of the region to "increase military and field coordination, instilling patriotism in the hearts of the people, and consolidating the concept of the democratic nation through intellectual academies and educational schools."

Sheikh Turki al-Suwaan also spoke about the subject: "Some of the world's tyrannies are working to strike the national fabric and spread terror and fear in our hearts after the state of security since the declaration of liberation."

He said said that these criminal acts come at a time when the city of Al-Raqqa is witnessing a large urban movement and a great return to the people forced by the bloody war to leave their homes forcibly adding: "These actions only increase our determination to pursue the path of freedom."

He also confirmed that they will hold periodic meetings with the sheikhs in al-Raqqa to raise awareness and urge them to fulfill their responsibilities in "building a democratic society that depends mainly on the peoples fraternity and coexistence between the components."



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