Al-Raqqa people: International community must act consciously towards occupation wall

The people of al-Raqqa city stressed that the goal of the wall being built in Afrin lads was to divide the Syrian territories and annex Afrin to the Turkish occupation lands. They added, "The international community must act consciously towards building the occupation wall in Syria."

In March 18, Afrin city was occupied by the Turkish occupation and many mercenary factions belong to it, and they committed the most heinous crimes and inhumane violations against the old and the small. Now, they started constructing a wall to divide Syria. 

Al-Raqqa people held the international community the responsibility for what is going on in Syria of a clear division in front of everybody because of their silence, lack of action, and stopping the Turkish occupation from the process of building which is still ongoing.  

In this context, Abdel al-Ghafour al-Khalaf from al-Mushlab neighborhood said, "The Turkish breaches are increasing day after day in the Syrian territory. Erdogan is trying to separate Afrin city from its motherland, Syria, and annex it to the Turkish territories. As al-Raqqa people, we condemn and denounce what abuses Erdogan is doing against the Syrian territories."

Abdel al-Ghafour called on the international community and the humanitarian organizations to break their silence and stand against the Turkish occupation, and they confirmed that the Syrian lands were one, and separating Afrin from the homeland resembled annexing Iskenderun to the Turkish territories.

The citizen Zahra al-Hammoud said, "As al-Raqqa women, we stand steadfastly alongside Afrin resistant people till liberating it from the tyrants. As al-Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor got liberated, we will liberate Afrin, and not to allow the Turkish state to restore the glories of the Ottoman state."  

Zahra added, "Afrin is a Syrian land and its people are Syrians, and we will not allow the Turkish occupation to continue building the separation wall in Syria, even if the international community or the Syrian government remained silent."

The citizen Ibrahim al-Kheder decried the silence of the Arab states and their leaders and said, "Where is the attitude of the Arab and global states towards what is happening in Syria? Do they stand as the bystander towards what is becoming of us?"


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