AL-Raqqa notables: Newroz Day symbolizes people's fraternity, peace

Notables and sheikhs of the Arab clans have congratulated all the Syrian components on Newroz Day and they said, "Newroz Day is the day of the people's fraternity. By the Newroz of this year, we have been on the verge of proclaiming victory over terrorism for our Newroz to be the day of freedom and salvation from injustice.


The notables and clans of al-Raqqa congratulated Newroz Day on all the components of the Syrian people and hoped peace and security to be achieved within co-existence among the people.

The notable of al-Hamrat clan, Saddam Ahmed al-Hamrat said, "We congratulate all the components in the north and east of Syria, especially the Kurdish people on Newroz Day."

Ahmed pointed out that in al-Raqqa, they live with fraternity and respect among all the components.

Commemorating Afrin, Saddam Ahmed said that the Turkish occupation practices the worst violations against the people there and prevents them from celebrating their occasions. He called on all humanitarian and human rights organizations, especially the UN Security Council to intervene, curb the Turkish regime and stop the arbitrary crimes and demographic change taking place on the land of Afrin.

For his part, the sheikh of al-Omar clan Mohammed Qahit al-Omar has congratulated Newroz Day on all al-Raqqa components which are celebrating it for the first time and added, "Today and by virtue of SDF that liberated the land from IS' terrorism, we are celebrating for first time al-Raqqa city which used to be taken as IS' alleged caliphate."

Mohammed Turki al-Suwaan, the sheikh of al-Sabkha clan said: "Newroz day is a festival for all Syrians because it does not only concern the Kurdish component but also all the components of the Syrian people. It represents every Syrian regardless of their nationality. We tell the whole world that we celebrate with each other and we light candles and fire to revive the rituals, which we have been deprived of for years through which the region has passed through."



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