AL-Raqqa notables: Great joy will be to liberate Afrin from Turkish fascism

the notables and Sheikhs of al-Raqqa city have congratulated of the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF on the the victory they described "the victory of good over evil and despotism" which they achieved against Daesh, they said that the great joy would be liberating Afrin from Turkish fascism.

The Syrian Democratic Forces officially declared a defeat of Daesh in their last stronghold the notables and Sheikhs of al-Raqqa city have congratulated through our angecy, Hawar news agency (ANHA) all the peoples of north and east of Syria with the victory and stressed the necessity to combat IS' ideology.

The notable of al-Bou Assaf clan Fayiz al-Batran congratulated the people of Syria in general and the peoples of north and east of Syria, especially the great victory over mercenaries, calling for "removing blackness from the Syrian map and ending the era of blackness.

And added "We congratulate martyrs' families in al-Raqqa city who gave their children for sake to liberate of Syrian north from Daesh, which caused destruction and corruption in the region, and tell them today the freedom and the victory was achieved over Daesh, by virtue of the sacrifices of the bloods of your children.

For his part, the notable of al-Sukhani clan Abdul Razak al-Hussein said that " Daesh defeated geographically does not mean the end of their ideology and the next stage is the fight against IS' ideology by increasing cultural activity and the opening of intellectual academies throughout the north of Syria to have a strong generation free thought."



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