Al-Raqqa clans' sheikhs: SDF are only guarantor to protect region

Al-Raqqa clans' sheikhs said that the establishment of any buffer zone sponsored by Turkey is a declaration of war, and we are not terrorists to establish a buffer zone on our borders, but our forces have eliminated the terrorism sponsored and supported by Turkey represented by IS and the rest of the mercenaries. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are the only guarantor to protect the region.


On the recent situation in the region, especially the establishment of a buffer zone within the Syrian territories, ANHA held meetings with a number of elders and dignitaries of al-Raqqa tribes who confirmed their adherence to the unity of the Syrian soil and the unification of the ranks of its people.

The Sheikh Mohammed Noor al-Zib, the sheikh of al-Berij clan said, "Our areas today are in a state of safety and stability, and the most stable areas in the country, so that the displaced from the areas of the regime and the areas of the Turkish occupation are present there, thanks to our people who work day and night to defend and protect the region."

He added, "If Erdogan threatens to expel the Syrian refugees and return them to Syria, we are ready to receive all the Syrian refugees in north and east Syria. They return to their land as the people of this country. We do not threaten the world as Erdogan does, but we want the countries of the world to stop Erdogan and his aggressive actions against the Syrian people."

The sheikh Turki al-Sew'an of al-Sebkha clan said, "The solution of the Syrian crisis is among its people. We do not want foreign agendas that exploit our circumstances to achieve their interests at the expense of the Syrians. We tell Turkey which demands a buffer zone on our land and borders that we will not allow it to desecrate our land liberated by the blood of our pure martyrs."

He added that SDF are the only forces that guarantee the unity and territorial integrity of our forces. SDF are our sons. Today, the nightmare of IS mercenaries ends east and north of Syria."

In turn, the sheikh of al-Ja'abat Talal Helal al-Sibat said that they will not accept terrorism and mercenaries to enter their territory and supervise the buffer zone, and they only accept their fighters of SDF who liberated the region from terrorism.



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