Al-Raqqa and Al-Tabeqa residents: protest in front of Russian base  for Ocalan

 Hundreds of Al-Raqqa and Al-Tabeqa residents protested, in front of one of the Russian bases to pressure Turkey to allow the leader, Abdullah Ocalan's lawyer visit, and reassurance of his health, following a fire on the island of Emrali

On Thursday evening, hundreds residents and members of the civil and military institutions, along with the sheikhs and leaders of the Arab and Kurdish tribes, gathered in the Square of Douar Hazima to launch towards one of the Russian bases  for sit-in and chanting and denouncing the imposed isolation on the leader, Ocalan, after reports of a fire on the island of Imrali.

The protesters stood in front of the Russian base, chanting slogans and chants denouncing the isolation by the Turkish state on Abdullah Ocalan.

The protesters also demanded to meet with a Russian officer to send a letter to Russia that reads: "We demand pressure on the Turkish state, allowing the leader's lawyer to meet with him, and to reveal his health status."

In the end the protestors held the pictures of the leader Ocalan infront of the Russian point, aamid chants of Ocalan's freedom.



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