​​​​​​​Al-Quraishi: To build democratic Syria, we must adapt Ocalan's idiology

Spokesman of the elders and notables in Sheikh Maksoud and Ashrafieh neighborhoods of Aleppo city, Ahmed al-Quraishi stressed the need to adopt the leader Abdullah Ocalan's philopsophy to build a democratic Syria, noting that the Kurds and Arabs must have their own decision and defend themselves against the tyrant forces.

During an interview with Hawar News Agency, about Ocalan's ideas in resolving crises and issues of the region Ahmed al-Quraishi talked.

Al-Quraishi emphasized that the leader's ideology serves the interests of the peoples of the Middle East and that the consolidation of the principles of brotherhood of peoples that Ocalan urged will lead the Syrians to a democratic Syria that will be for all Syrians.

He talked about the impact of the foreign powers policies on the Syrians at home, and said that "before the Syrian crisis,  regime affected badly on clans and tribes relations. Turkey intervened and used Syrians as mercenaries for it to implement its agendas during the Syrian crisis. "

He added, "After we got acquainted with the Democratic Union Party, that was able to unite all components after Ocalan's ideas and ideology. During the attacks of the Turkish occupation mercenaries on Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood,  people united and responded to the attacks and declared victory."

He praised the principle of the peoples brotherhood, which make a basis for the Autonomous Administration, stressing that it has a great role for building a democratic Syria that includes all components.

Al-Quraishi also spoke about the achievements of the northeast of Syria revolution,  the leading role of women in the revolution of the nineteenth of July as fighters especially in the resistance of Kobani.

Applying Ocalan's thought will put an end to the aspirations of states

Al-Quraishi indicated that if the Syrian people apply the leader's ideology, they would obtain his rights and put an end to the ambitions of Turkey and other countries.

At the end of his speech, Sheikh Ahmed Al-Quraishi expressed his hope for the urgent release of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and said, “I salute the leader Ocalan in response to his greetings to the Syrian clans. We salute this leader who adopted our idea, which is for all peoples and not only for the Kurds, it is for the peoples of the Middle East and we wish him an urgent release. and the Kurdish and Arab people must liberate themselves from the ideology of the outside forces and have the decision to defend ourselves against tyranny. "

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