​​​​​​​Al-Omriyah clan 's notable: Kurdish parties must bear its responsibility to success Kurdish agreement

The notable of al-Omriyah clan in Ad-Derbasiyah district, said that the success of the first stage is a "positive and historic" step, and all Kurdish parties should be based on the responsibility and trust the people have given them.

After announcing the success of the first phase of the talks to unify the Kurdish ranks among the Kurdish political parties, created state of happiness and relief among the Kurdish people.

The notable of al-Omriyah clan in Ad-Derbasiyah district Hamid Saadoun, talked to Hawar news agency ANHA about the success of the first stage between the Kurdish political parties and said: “The success of the Kurdish-Kurdish agreement is a historic step for the entire Kurdish people, especially since the Kurdish people have for some time been waiting for the Kurdish parties to reach an agreement that serves Kurdish people. "

Saadoun noted that the enemies of the Kurdish people are trying to spoil this agreement "because they realize that the agreement of the Kurdish parties means achieving the demands of the Kurdish people, and preserving the Kurdish language and culture."

Saadoun pointed out that this agreement and the Kurdish understanding would stop the Turkish occupation’s attacks on the Kurdish people and protect all the gains.

Saadoun called on the political parties to bear the responsibility and confidence that the Kurdish people gave them, "especially in this sensitive phase, where we witness daily attacks by Turkey on the areas of northern and eastern Syria, as well as their attacks on the areas of Başûr Kurdistan, Kurdish political parties should not pay attention to the small details that hinder their agreement and think only of the interest of the Kurdish people.

And ended his speech saying “All the Kurdish people are happy with this historic step and all the leaders of the Kurdish tribes, and we hope the Kurdish parties will accomplish a lot in order to preserve their people and their land.”



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