Al-Omareen clan: Turkey aims at hitting social fabric of region

Al-Omareen clan notable explained that they are aware of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries aims of kidnapping of one of Tel Abyad sheikhs, "This aims at destabilizing and hitting the social fabric", he pointed out that these practices will not hinder their determination, will and belief in their basic principles and march, which is to achieve civil peace." He said.

On April 22, the Turkish occupation army arrested Sheikh Anizan Sheikh Ahmed, the most prominent Arab clan sheikh in Girê Spî from his home in his village, Musharraf Sheikh Ahmed, 7 km east of the city of  Girê Spî and taken to the investigation.

The Arab clans in al-Jazeera region denounced the arbitrary practices of the Turkish occupation army against the people of northeast of Syria, and stressed that they tend to undermine the security and stability of the region and create sectarian and national strife in the region.

Mohammed al-Chilli, one of the elders of the Al-Omareen clan in Tel Hamis district, denounced on behalf of other sheikhs and elders of Tel Hamis district the "criminal" acts of the Turkish occupation against the sons and elders of the clans of kidnappings and killings. He pointed out that Sheikh Anizan Sheikh Ahmed had a leading role in solving the problems of the region and achieving civil peace.

He explained that they are aware of the aims of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries to kidnap one of the sheikhs of Tel Abyad, to destabilize and hit the social fabric, and stressed: "This criminality will not hinder our determination, will and belief in our principles. we will struggle to defend every inch of Syrian territory, whether it be Ras al-Ain, Tal Abyad and Afrin.  These practices will not hinder our march and our basic tasks in achieving civil peace."

He put the blame on the humanitarian organizations for what happened to Sheikh Anizan in Tal Abyad area, and pointed out that those who attacked Sheikh Anizan were attacking other elders and clan notables.

He called on the international community to put a limit to Turkey and its mercenaries and deter their attacks on clan notables and national figures, saying: "This crime must be deterred."



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