Al-Mushrif: Turkey is behind terrorist operations to displace indigenous residents

Deputy Joint Presidency of Advisory Office in the Autonomous Administration said that Turkey and its mercenaries are behind all crimes and violations in the occupied areas, and endeavors to strike security and stability in AA's areas through terrorist cells, and called on the international community to assume its responsibilities towards the violations committed by Turkey against the Syrians.

The talk of the Deputy Joint Presidency of the Advisory Office in the Autonomous Administration Anwar al-Mushrif came during a meeting our agency ANHA with him to talk about the violations committed by Turkey and its mercenaries against the regions of northern and eastern Syria.

Anwar condemned and denounced the brutal Turkish attacks against the Syrians in general at the hands of the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries, and demanded the international community, especially the guarantor countries such as the United States and Russia, to intervene urgently to stop the violations that occur on a daily basis, and to hold the president of the Turkish regime for his crimes committed against the civilian families and return all The displaced to their occupied villages and cities.

He pointed out that the only political solution to the Syrian crisis will not be until Turkey withdraws from the territories it occupies, the land is returned to its indigenous people, and a commitment to implement Resolution 2,254.

"The fifth column is the ones behind the bombings and assassinations."

Anwar emphasized that the explosions, killings, assassinations and other acts that are against humanity in AA's areas are behind the Turkish state, through its agendas and internal agents, the "fifth column", with the aim of causing sedition and destabilizing the security and stability of the region.

The security forces in the areas of northern and eastern Syria have arrested more than a terrorist cell in their areas, which belongs to the Turkish intelligence service MIT and receives instructions directly from it, according to their confessions.

"The bombings of the occupied territories are a complete demographic change"

The Deputy Office of the Advisory Office in the Autonomous Administration, Anwar al-Mushrif, he offered deepest condolences to the defenseless civilian families who martyred due to the recent bombings, which resulted from chaos and instability in the areas occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries.

And regarding the justification of the Turkish accusations of the Syrian Democratic Forces of fabricating these explosions, Anwar al-Mushrif said, "The Syrian Democratic Forces are committed to all human rights laws, charters and international treaties, and whoever is behind all the explosions in the occupied areas is Turkey and its mercenaries who belong to more than one terrorist faction and do not abide by any covenants or International laws. "

He pointed out that Turkey has a history of these operations and the self-administration has documents that Turkey stands behind the killings and violations that take place against the Syrians.



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