Al-Mismari: Turkey is loading warships in marine region of Tripoli

Major General Ahmed al-Mismari revealed that Turkey had landed two Turkish warships, anti-aircraft missiles and air defense systems in the Tripoli sea port.

The Libyan National Army spokesman, Ahmed al-Mismari, told Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper on Monday the possibility of targeting Turkish warplanes inside Libya, especially in the east of the country, where the army is deployed, stressing the monitoring of a Turkish war simulation in the marine region of Tripoli.

Al-Mismari indicated that: "The forces of Accord government and its militia have brought of the large groups of Syrian mercenaries, and from other nationalities exploiting the armistice."

He added that sources from inside what is known as the Head of Staff of the Syrian National Army supported by Turkey confirmed: "There are more than 17 thousand terrorists who moved from Syria to Libya, nearly 1,800 of them returned to Syria, among them wounded and wounded, and more than a thousand were killed. "

Al-Mismari also revealed the danger of Accord forces controlling several cities in the West Coast, and the accompanying violations and killings, saying: "Some groups that entered these cities recently had been expelled from Sabratha in 2016."

He continued: "Of course it was expected with the return of its to commit revenge crimes, which is what happened, as it targeted everyone who confronted it in the past."

In March 2011 the United Nations Security Council passed Resolution 1970, in which it requested all member states of the United Nations "to prevent the sale or supply of arms and related materiel to Libya."

This decision includes "arms, ammunition, vehicles, military equipment, paramilitary equipment and spare parts", and the decision was extended more than once.



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