Al-Mismari to ANHA: Turkish violations not to stop without international pressure

Major General Ahmed Al-Mesmari said that Turkey's violations in Libya have not stopped despite the 5 + 5 Military Committee agreement in Geneva, and pointed out that the Turkish intervention will not stop without great international pressure.

Major General Ahmed Al-Mesmari, spokesperson for the Libyan National Army, said that the 5 + 5 Military Committee Agreement in Geneva came after several rounds of dialogues, indicating that Cairo dialogue. Geneva also witnessed several dialogues that bore fruit to this agreement that secures security and safety for Libya, it preserves the prestige of the Libyan state, and expels all foreign fighters, including Turkey.

Al-Mismari added: “If the agreement involves concessions, then the Libyan Army General Command will fulfil its duties towards it,” noting that handling the agreement well creates a suitable ground for resolving the remaining economic and political crises.

The spokesman stated that ensuring the agreement success is not within their competence, but it is the prerogative of the United Nations, and indeed, certain measures have been put in place that make it always at the heart of the event.

Al-Mesmari stressed that Turkey has not stopped its violations in Libya so far, pointing out that approximately 24 hours after the Geneva Agreement was issued, pictures of Turkish soldiers training militias in Tripoli, specifically in the air defense camp in the Kajura region, were published, and they published Turkish military training and equipment, and this “is considered a very huge breach ."

He pointed out that Erdogan's comment on the Geneva Agreement is considered to spread a counter-spirit to the success of the channels, stressing that Turkey will not stop its infiltrations without great international pressure.



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