Al-Mismari: Erdogan seeks to invest what he achieved in Tripoli to reach the oil crescent

The Libyan National Army spokesman, Ahmed al-Mismari, accused Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of trying to use what he achieved in Tripoli to control the oil crescent."

Al-Mismari’s speech came during a meeting held by the agency “Sputnik” on Tuesday, where al-Mismari said that “Erdogan wants to invest what he achieved from Tripoli in order to reach the oil crescent, and therefore he totally rejects the cease-fire.”

He pointed out that "orders to advance towards Sirte are Turkish orders and not orders of Accord Government, adding that the Turks have a goal, and the goal is to reach the fields, wells and oil ports area, which is the Sidra Bay region, and specifically the Sidra Bay region 40 km west of the city of Jeddah."

Al-Mismari stated that "the general staff of the army sent a group of the Special Operations Department from the Thunderbolt, to consolidate some units in the guard of oil installations, to secure the Sidra Bay area, and the oil lines that extend in the desert 800 km", indicating that these vast fields need to be secured and need to Great military capabilities.

Al-Mismari stressed the national character of the Libyan army, saying, "The Libyan army is all Libyan and from Libyan tribes, and this is inevitable."

A spokesman for the General Command of the "Libyan National Army" stressed that "the General Command of the Armed Forces takes into account one very important thing, which is the movements of the international community, to develop political solutions or move to negotiations and in response to either the Egyptian initiative, which is a Libyan-Libyan initiative that was proposed in Egypt as well as outputs Berlin and what was issued by the Security Council regarding the conference. "

Al-Mismari stated that "the militias completely rejected the ceasefire, both the Libyan group fighting through labor, as well as the Muslim Brotherhood through al-Mashri and through al--Suwan, the head of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, as well as Turkey formally refused in a very quick statement to Erdogan, where he refused what Egypt submitted it from an initiative, and an official response from Fayez al-Sarraj came after that by rejecting the ceasefire.

He continued, "The enemy is trying from that period to re-gather its forces to attack the city of Sirte, because Erdogan and all Turkish politicians are talking about the oil crescent area, and therefore he wants to continue military operations until he controls the entire oil crescent area, and then he goes to negotiate and put The world is facing a fait accompli. "

"There is no such thing as Accord forces or Accord army at all," the Libyan national army spokesman said, stressing that it is "a group of militias and criminals, who never want to have a state of law or a state of institutions, and there are Syrian mercenaries and the Turkish army."



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